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The company ANNIG & NOWAS GROUP LIMITED is the umbrella name of about six companies, namely, Anning & Nowas Company Limited, Nowas Oil and Allied Produts Limited, Eye-Gy Mineral Resources Industries Limited, Calis International Limited, Nowas Oil & Allied Products Limited, and Nowas-Group Holdings Inc, USA. All the companies, excepting the last, have operational bases in Nigeria. Before delving into the operations of these companies, lets first understand the vision and mission of the Anning and Nowas Group.


To become one of the major players in the economy of Nigeria. To achieve this, this group of companies are operated with the aim of maximally benefiting from the economic reform programs of the present government of Nigeria.


In the spirit and understanding of the customer, the end-user, being the KING, whose interests must be appreciated and protected, the various companies under the ANNIG & NOWAS GROUP have endeavoured to keep fate over the years, in serving the customers. The group is poised to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Let us now describe the operations of these companies:


Annig & Nowas Company Limited

A Typical Service Station belonging to ANNIG & NOWAS COMPANY LIMITED

Annig & Nowas Company Limited was founded in 1987, but on the 20th February 2006 it was incorporated (RC 126212) as petroleum products marketing company. It acquired NNPC & DPR licenses, and utilized maximally her loading rights at the various petroleum depots within her operational territories, namely Enugu, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, etc, with the result that within a very short period of time many filling stations were acquired and operated by the company. This made possible the direct marketing of petroleum products to the customers.


Eye-Gy Mineral Resources Industries Limited

The company Eye-Gy Mineral Resources Industries Limited was incorporated on 30th January1997. It is also a petroleum products marketing company, owning many filling stations in Nigeria.


Calis International Limited was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 1st July 1999. Its core area of interest include the importation, storage and distribution of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and other beverages/consumables.

Apart from importing, distributing and marketing of these beverages and such other items, CALIS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is also engaged in the exportation of raw materials and semi-finished products.


pump Pump Pump

Metrology dispensing Pumps & Spare Parts

Nowas Oil and Allied Products Limited was registered in 1998 as a specialised and global technology management arm of the group. It is involve in international businesses. Today, the company imports metrology dispensing pumps and spare parts.


Nowas-Group Holdings Incorporated is a member of the ANNIG & NOWAS GROUP LIMITED, which has an operational base in Houston Texas USA. The company operates as the “Point-man” for all other sister companies whose interests, among many others, are the importation and exportation of goods and services. It negotiates and packages businesses on behalf of other companies in the group, on the foreign land.


The Annig and Nowas Group Limited has put in place a solid management team that pilots the affairs of the company. Under a Group General Manager, the management team executes the policy of the company.

With staff strength of over three hundred (300) personnel the company is well positioned for its future commercial greatness. Within the rank and file of the company’s human resources are Accountants, Marketers, Engineers, Technicians, Station Managers, Secretaries, Pump Attendants and Drivers.

The company recognizes that the “Employees will never treat customers any BETTER than they are TREATED”, and therefore ensures that all staff are treated as Kings. The staff are provided with good working environment that ensures that they are constantly happy while discharging their duties.

To ensure that the staff employ the requisite skills in discharging their duties, the company continually provides capacity-building training programmes for all cadre of its staff. These programmes are executed by both local and international organizations.

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